Our Mission


At Chef2Farmer our aim is to farm with a deep respect to animals. The pasture raised hens, pigs and cattle live on the freshest pasture, in their natural environments, foraging, digging, scratching and grazing all day every day, full of sunshine and vitamin D.

The animals are moved daily throughout our property onto fresh salad bar of grasses, legumes, forbes, native species, brassicas (kale, turnips, swede, and radish). This not only improves the landscape to collect and hold water and minimise soil run off but also increases the biodiversity.

We aim to mimic nature by using multiple species of plants and animals to create a diverse ecosystem to cycle the nutrients, minerals, water and manure. We do this by using holistic planned grazing.

Regenerative farming practise encourages the resurgence of smaller family-run farms like Chef2Farmer which helps ensures the provision for local food direct from farm to customers efficiently with low food miles.

Using the animals’ natural behaviours as a tool to regenerate the pastures in turn reduces the need to use machinery and diesel decreasing pollution output.

Our farming methods are about improving our pastures and most importantly the soil. Capturing solar energy to grow as much good quality pasture as we can.

Our Produce

100% grass fed & finished beef, pasture raised eggs, pork & chicken.
Chemical free, raised with care & ethically produced all while improving our land.

Beef Cuts
100% Pasture Raised and Finished Beef.

Grass fed beef is better for you and for our environment. Cows stomachs are designed to eat grass not grain – Its that simple.

Being 100% grass fed but also holistically managed means our cattle have a well balanced diet the way nature intended in turn making a delicious,  tender & nutrient dense product.

Our cattle are cared for right up to the end, with the professional team at Port Meat Store, processing, cutting and packaging our meat.

100% Pasture Raised Chicken.

Our chickens arrive as day old Cornish Cross chicks, they are safe and warm in a brooder house until they are fully feathered. We then move out onto fresh pastures and are moved daily. They are fed a hormone & Chemical free grains & as many grubs as they can find! They are processed locally by a small family owned Abattoir.

100% Pasture Raised Eggs.
We use Heritage breed chickens ensuring they live a happy and long productive life. Industrial farming sees modified production breeds to get the most eggs in a much shorter lifetime.

Our eggs are full of flavour and colour, the yolks reflect the chlorophyll from the fresh pasture they eat, along with their daily does of sunflower seeds.

Our feed is high in protein and we use cracked grains, ensuring the chickens use their gizzards to break the grain down & absorb all the nutrients.

Our eggs are laid, collected, processed  and delivered to our stockists within 72 hours ensuring the freshest eggs are available for you!

Pork Cuts
100% Pasture Raised Pork.
Our pigs are a slow growing heritage breed.

They live in natural environments and forage nutritious goodness. They have daily vitamin D, low stress, daily fruit and vegetables & a locally produced grain mix full of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

This ensures a healthy product for us to eat.

You haven’t tasted pork until you try Pasture raised, the flavour is rich, the meat is tender & older generations of folk say it takes them back to their childhood.

Monthly meat-box subscription

Enjoy the convenience of our automatic payments & delivery of our pasture-raised, chicken, pork and 100% Grass-fed and finished beef on the second Thursday of each month to your front door.

Each meat box is carefully selected for you, which will include a mix of frozen meats to the value of your subscription and preferences.

Your locally grown meat will stay perfectly cold in our re-usable cooler boxes, so no need to be home for your delivery, which will occur between Midday-6pm.

Its the perfect way to not only know where your food comes from but also support animal welfare, your local farmer and Regenerative Farming practices.

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Our products

We pride ourselves on produce that is environmentally considerate, healthy, fresh and tasty. Simply order online & either pick up from us or we can deliver to your door!

Fresh food that really is good for you.

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Find us at the REAL FOOD MARKETS every second Tuesday in Port Macquarie.

We will be selling our pasture raised produce fresh and frozen, along with delicious bone broths, sausage rolls and pies using our meats and many other goodies made locally from Kate Caters.

Supply is based on what we have ready to process for that market and will change week to week.

Real Food Markets

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