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About Us

At Chef2Farmer, we are a 100% pasture raised farm using regenerative practices, located in Ballengarra, just 25 minutes North West of Port Macquarie.

Chef2Farmer specialises in producing premium quality, pasture raised beef, chicken, pork and eggs. We believe our produce reflects the natural methods we deploy and is nutrient dense, but most of all, delicious and chemical free straight from our farm to your table.

Chef2farmer goes a step further as we have an extensive background in the hospitality industry and understand the cooking process, taste and quality of produce.

At Chef2Farmer, our aim is to bridge the gap between the consumer and the producer with access to ethically raised produce directly to you through our online store, our local suppliers and markets.

Our Produce

~ 100% Pasture Raised and Finished Beef ~

Grass fed beef is better for you and for our environment. Cows stomachs are designed to eat grass not grain – Its that simple.

Being 100% grass fed but also holistically managed means our cattle have a well balanced diet the way nature intended in turn making a delicious,  tender & nutrient dense product

Our cattle are cared for right up to the end, with the professional team at Port Meat Store, processing, cutting and packaging our meat.

~ Pasture Raised Eggs ~

We use Heritage breed chickens ensuring they live a happy and long productive life. Industrial farming sees modified production breeds to get the most eggs in a much shorter lifetime.

Our eggs are full of flavour and colour, the yolks reflect the chlorophyll from the fresh pasture they eat, along with their daily does of sunflower seeds.

Our feed is high in protein and we use cracked grains, ensuring the chickens use their gizzards to break the grain down & absorb all the nutrients.

Our eggs are laid, collected, processed  and delivered to our stockists within 72 hours ensuring the freshest eggs are available for you!

 ~ Pasture Raised Pork ~

Our pigs are a slow growing heritage breed, living in natural environments and foraging nutritious goodness, daily vitamin D, low stress, daily fruit and vegetables & a locally produced grain mix full of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals ensuring a healthy product for us to eat.

You haven’t tasted pork until you try Pasture raised, the flavour is rich, the meat is tender & older generations of folk say it takes them back to their childhood.


How We Farm

At Chef2Farmer our aim is to farm with a deep respect to animals. The pasture raised hens, pigs and cattle live on the freshest pasture, in their natural environments, foraging, digging, scratching and grazing all day every day, full of sunshine and vitamin D.

The animals are moved daily throughout our property onto fresh salad bar of grasses, legumes, forbes, native species, brassicas (kale, turnips, swede, and radish). This not only improves the landscape to collect and hold water and minimise soil run off but also increases the biodiversity
Sustainable farming practise encourages the resurgence of smaller family-run farms like Chef2Farmer which helps ensures the provision for local food direct from farm to customers efficiently with low food miles.

Using the animals’ natural behaviours as a tool to regenerate the pastures in turn reduces the need to use machinery and diesel decreasing pollution output.

Our farming methods are about improving our pastures and most importantly the soil. Capturing solar energy to grow as much good quality pasture as we can.

We aim to mimic nature by using multiple species of plants and animals to create a diverse ecosystem to cycle the nutrients, minerals, water and manure. We do this by using holistic planned grazing.

~ Cattle  ~

Our cattle are 100% grass fed and finished, our pastures are chemical free.

Holistic planed grazing is using animals as a tool to graze, trample and fertilise with there waste product. By putting them in a smaller area for a short period (no longer 24 hours) ensuring they graze on all species of pasture, which in turn gives the cattle a more balanced diet & also ensures high animal impact in the designated area. Planning also ensures we give pastures sufficient time to recover & regenerate. This time can range anywhere between 30/120 days depending on time of year. Planning begins months before the animals step foot in the paddock.

~ Chickens ~

Pasture raised eggs are not the only reward in our style of pastured farming.

We use our chickens as a clean-up crew behind the cattle as much as possible to spread manure, eat grass hopers, fly larvae and any other insects they can find as well as lot of grasses. Producing the most natural nitrogen rich fertilisers to feed the pastures and soil. In return producing the most nutrient dense, ethically produced, delicious eggs for our local community to enjoy.

~ Pigs ~

Natures Bull dozers.

Our pigs are used as little bulldozers and are used on overgrown areas of the property. Through using their natural instincts to root around and upturn the plants, making mud wallows and dust bathes they are crushing, they are removing unwanted shrubs and bushes, fertilising and also breaking the ground ready for new crops.  We always follow the pigs with a multi species cover crop of grasses, legumes, Forbes, brassicas and flowers. The mix will depend on what we are trying to achieve in that area. Our pigs are also fed only the best grain, and also help reduce food waste as we collect fruit and vegetables from local shops to save it going to landfill.

The Outcomes

By using all these methods, we are increasing the root systems and soil quality which in return helps us to be more drought and flood resistant.

By making the soil more like a sponge when it rains and having a thick stand of pasture helps to keep a cover on the soil in times of drought which helps to prevent drying out.

We aim to give all our animals the best lives and respect by our practise and allowing them to live the way nature intended (always on the move) grazing the pastures that are growing in root structure, quality and quantity after every rotation around our property.

The best part is In return we are providing our community and beyond with the most nutrient dense produce for our customers we possibly can while working with nature & regenerating our land.

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Collection point is Port Meat Stores – 5 Clifton Drive, Port Macquarie.

If you would like to enquire about a pack to suit your own palate, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also have frozen products available, get in touch with us today!

PLEASE NOTE: orders will be subject to availability and also set dates based on farming timing.

Chef2Farmer Stockists

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— Meet the Farmers —

Todd RichardsonTodd Richardson

Todd grew up on the far South Coast of NSW in a small hobby farm in Bermagui. It was here his passion for farming and fresh produce began.

His love for coastal lifestyle was enriched through his early years of working on fishing chartered boats to travelling around Australia.

Todd’s culinary interest and passion for fresh produce led him to start an apprenticeship as a chef and work at numerous eateries across Australia. Eventually bringing him to Port Macquarie as a head chef in a local award winning restaurant.

It was in Port Macquarie that Todd met his wife Lisa and they began their lifelong goal together to open a restaurant of their own.

LVs on Clarence was a successful café, owned and managed by Todd and Lisa until mid 2020. The ethos was to cook and produce wholesome, homemade, local food.

From LVs came family life and a love for owning a farm of their own to produce fresh produce from paddock to plate.

Chef2Farmer was created from the idea that to cook better food, you need the freshest of produce and what better way to produce the freshest food then to start your very own farm.

A successful local Chef to now Farmer. Bringing to the region a beautiful regenerative pastured based farm producing fresh produce to the Hastings region.

Lisa RichardsonLisa Richardson

Born and raised in Port Macquarie, Lisa has worked in various retail and hospitality roles throughout her career. Lisa’s experience very much compliments this team based culinary journey.

Lisa’s passion and interest for travel, family and community made her the perfect manager of the jointly owned and managed café LVs. Providing customers with a friendly place to come and try local produce plated up with the Lisa and Todd stamp.

Since selling the very successful eatery in 2020, Lisa spends her time raising three beautiful children as well as managing a successful farm.

Feeding her passion to be resourceful on the farm, creating a sustainable way of farm life and learning more about the regenerative agriculture processes to enable Chef2Farmer to bring produce from paddock to plate to the Hastings community.

Exploring the Farm

With many years of providing fabulous meals to the community, it is a passion for Todd and Lisa to share their farming experience from a Chef’s perspective and provide customers with a firsthand understanding of the regenerative pasture processes that makes farming sustainable as well as environmentally friendly.

It is also an opportunity for Todd and Lisa to bring their culinary and hospitality experience to the farm and share directly with customers.

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