Todd grew up on the far South Coast of NSW in a small hobby farm in Bermagui. It was here his passion for farming and fresh produce began.

His love for coastal lifestyle was enriched through his early years of working on fishing chartered boats to travelling around Australia.

Todd’s culinary interest and passion for fresh produce led him to start an apprenticeship as a chef and work at numerous eateries across Australia. Eventually bringing him to Port Macquarie as a head chef in a local award winning restaurant.

LVs on Clarence was a successful café, owned and managed by Todd and Lisa until mid 2020. The ethos was to cook and produce wholesome, homemade, local food.

From LVs came family life and a love for owning a farm of their own to produce fresh produce from paddock to plate.

A successful local Chef to now Farmer. Bringing to the region a beautiful regenerative pastured based farm producing fresh produce to the Hastings region.



Lisa was born and raised in Port Macquarie and has worked in various retail and hospitality roles throughout her career. Lisa’s experience very much compliments this team based culinary journey.

It was in Port Macquarie that Lisa met Todd and they began their lifelong goal together to open a restaurant of their own.

Lisa’s passion and interest for travel, family and community made her the perfect manager of the jointly owned and managed café LVs. Providing customers with a friendly place to come and try local produce plated up with the Lisa and Todd stamp.

Since selling the very successful eatery in 2020, Lisa spends her time raising three beautiful children as well as managing a successful farm.

Feeding her passion to be resourceful on the farm, creating a sustainable way of farm life and learning more about the regenerative agriculture processes to enable Chef2Farmer to bring produce from paddock to plate to the Hastings community.


Chef2Farmer is a progression of our passion for ethical, local and chemical free raised produce. From being a chef sourcing Locally grown produce to producing our own but with a huge dedication to land management using Regenerative farming practices.